Mission Statement:
“The Austin Sprint Club’s Track and Field Program is committed to developing a tradition of excellence both on and off the playing field. This is a program that will set high standards of effort, participation, team work, and sportsmanship, in order to guide student-athletes into becoming disciplined, unselfish, and confident individuals. This program will help student athletes reach their maximal potential. Developing physical prowess, mental toughness, and technical precision within the athletes who participate in this program will lead to a program that is competitive and respected throughout the country.”

Couple Running


Training-only athletes receive all of the training that the competition athletes do, but will not compete in the track meets. 

 Training-only members will have a month-to-month membership. There are no prorated memberships and no refunds.

Sprint Runner


Being a member of the Austin Sprint Club is more that just running around a track, it signifies that you are now a member of an elite family.
You will be able to travel and compete with some of the best of the best around the country.

“The higher we are placed, the more humbly we should walk”

Marcus Tullius Cicero



Greater-Austin, TX area

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